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Riccardo Ricco

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MessageSujet: FOR TLIEA!!!   Jeu 11 Déc 2008 - 20:53

I am one of the leaders of home rulez of mercenaries. Now we need your support cousins! we have to play test the codex and the fact that we must complete it (missing items magic!)

For this we need your help to the rules you have to try and tell us what you must change and / or raised

in addition we need someone to translate the rules from English to French!
If you have pictures of your army that you want to show contact me and I will put on the site that we have specially designed to disseminate the rules in trial of mercenaries!

shortly I poster the link for download the rules

For Tilea and gold!

Ciao ragazzi
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Date d'inscription : 13/12/2008

MessageSujet: Re: FOR TLIEA!!!   Sam 13 Déc 2008 - 17:42

Hello all :-) Hello Leonardo!

I'm Pker868, coordinator of Dogs of War Project. (and as soon as possible 😢 )

I wrote a long post but time out killed it... well, shortly, in Italy we made a group of players to correct and to adapt Alessio Cavatore's Dogs of War to sixth edition before, and seventh edition later.

We worked for over than 1 year on, now i'm uploading the website that is the base of the Project.

Italian version it's up, English version it's on deploy, anyway we are looking for Dogs of War players to COLLABORATE!

I have no time to write again all, also because I will write all on English version (that will be the international one), but

1) doesn't want to be "the" portal of Dogs of War but wannabe like a Webring (or a Wiki) about all the websites that talk about Dogs of War. So, we don't want to engage any challenge! :)

2) We are looking for Partners that want to use and try to IMPROVE the work we had; in particular we are looking for translators and adapters of rules in French language!

3) We are looking for Huge Community of Dogs of War players to develop last 10-12 magical items we miss :D

4) We are looking for Huge Community of Dogs of War players to fix all Special Character (they are in testing phase, rules available on website as well)

5) We are looking for a French, Spanish and English community as main partner in France, Spain and United Kindom/USA that will allow to talk about the Project and want TO JOIN and ENJOY the project!

I don't want to talk more... the plan it's very simple: make an armylist accepted more or less everywhere from players to let Games Workshop to publish a new Dogs of War armylist (or armybook) !

More details during Christman, i will be free of exams, anniversary with girl friend, work and so on so I will publish the english version ;)

I just want to underline that it's looking FOR HELP and PARTNERS: so I'll be glad and happy to have you all and Tilée as Main French Partner for :-) has it's own contents (Project - Download - Some Articles, a weekly Comic Strip) but mainly wants to link the pages/discussion of about mercenary all around the web.

All for one, everyone for himslef (normal Mercenary tactic :lol!: )

You can download the DOW WHFB Project Rules-Package on (top-right, english and italian version).

Will be wounderful to have as soon as possible a French Version!
Feel free to ask me MS WORD document editable in place of PDF by PM or, better, via MSN/mail pker868AThotmailDOTcom

I'll promise to make a better presentation of the Project on website and again during Xmas week :-)

For any question (like: why Project have to intersted me?) just ask

Fabio Pker868

Thanx for your time! (sorry but i don't know French so much so I can't write in your langauge)
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MessageSujet: idem   Dim 11 Jan 2009 - 13:30

si ya besoin d'aide pour la traduction je peux voir , car autour de moi tout le monde est prof et bilingue... :lol!:
vives les dogs of war
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MessageSujet: Re: FOR TLIEA!!!   

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